Pravi, the introspector


Sun Francisco in The Summer of 1971.

All photographs taken by Nick Dewolf.

what’s really cool about Nick DeWolf is that his son-in-law has chosen to memorialize him by trying to upload every single photo nick has ever shot almost every day on this flickr. there’s also a tumblr for it too. nick took a camera everywhere he went. his photos bring comfort.

(Source: 70-s)



by Glauber Tanaka

A series of images (10 of 12 shown in this post) by Glauber Tanaka, which take the start menu screens of classic gaming titles, and replace the environment graphics with that of real images fitting the scene.

A small tribute to some classics games title screens containing pixels mixed with real pictures.
The most difficult part was to find good screens, since most of the old school games screens only have a black background and the game logo on it.
I played all these games and I like them all!

Find Glauber on tumblr at videogameads.